Friday, February 14, 2014

Moving City
People are forced to move from land to land, from mountain to mountain in order to avoid the contamination storm. 
Building a giant mobile structure was their solution. 
Story of the treasure hunters who goes into the dangerous contamination zone in order to find valuable objects.
Prequel of "The Road".

 The Road
A little kid going on a lonely and seemingly endless journey, 
searching for food, water and other survivors in a post-post apocalyptic world.

Environment design of an original animation series based on a script

Concept Works for Mars World Enterprises
How would future Mars colony look like? What sports will they play? What about their culture?
Experience the ultimate future Mars colony now!


Organically Grown

Magic Card project with James Paik at CDA

Qumulo Core launch video
What will be the future of data storage?. Storyboard, key frames, object designs for Qumulo launch video.

to watch the final result, please click the link below
(Qumulo Launch video)